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Why fraternal twins run in families
Scritto da Genetics News From Medical News Today   
BiochimicaIf a woman's female relatives have fraternal twins, she is more likely to give birth to twins herself, but the genes behind this phenomenon have remained a mystery. ... ...
First small molecule targeted therapy to mitigate hearing loss in Usher syndrome type 3
Scritto da Genetics News From Medical News Today   
BiochimicaUsher syndrome (USH) is characterized by hearing loss or deafness at birth and progressive vision loss, and is the most common cause of inherited dual sensory deficit. ... ...
Chemists use DNA to build the world's tiniest thermometer
Scritto da Genetics News From Medical News Today   
BiochimicaResearchers at University of Montreal have created a programmable DNA thermometer that is 20,000x smaller than a human hair. ... ...
What's missing from current methods for genetic screening of sperm donors
Scritto da Genetics News From Medical News Today   
BiochimicaU.S. sperm banks perform genetic testing to screen for and disqualify carriers of a limited number of recessive disease mutations, but more comprehensive and affordable DNA-based screening methods... ... ...
Alizé Pharma reports positive results from its Phase II clinical trial of AZP-531 in Prader-Willi Syndrome
Scritto da Genetics News From Medical News Today   
BiochimicaResults from the randomized, double blind and placebo-controlled Phase II trial show significant improvements in hyperphagia-related behavior, a key therapeutic objective in Prader-Willi Syndrome. ... ...
20 year-old puzzle solved through genetic advances: A genetic corneal dystrophy disorder
Scritto da Genetics News From Medical News Today   
Biochimica Researchers from the University of Liverpool have identified a specific gene that plays a key role in an inherited eye disorder. ... ...
Combination of palmoplantar keratoderma and hair shaft anomalies, the warning signal of severe arrhythmogenic cardiomyopathy: a systematic review on genetic desmosomal diseases
Scritto da Journal of Medical Genetics current issue   

Inherited desmosomal diseases are characterised by skin and/or cardiac features. Dermatological features might be a clue in the determination of the underlying life-threatening cardiac disease. This article aims to propose a dermatological algori ... ...

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