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New challenges in modern vaccinology
Scritto da BMC Immunology   
AllergologiaVaccination has been a major advance for health care, allowing eradication or reduction of incidence and mortality of various infectious diseases. However, there are major pathogens, such as Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or the causative agent o ... ...
Subversion of the B-cell compartment during parasitic, bacterial, and viral infections
Scritto da BMC Immunology   
AllergologiaRecent studies on HIV infection have identified new human B-cell subsets with a potentially important impact on anti-viral immunity. Current work highlights the occurrence of similar B-cell alterations in other viral, bacterial, and parasitic infecti ... ...
The genetic control of immunity to <it>Plasmodium</it> infection
Scritto da BMC Immunology   
AllergologiaBackground:Malaria remains a major worldwide public health problem with ~207 million cases and ~627,000 deaths per year, mainly affecting children under five years of age in Africa. Recent efforts at elaborating a genetic architecture of malaria hav ... ...
What is infectiveness and how is it involved in infection and immunity
Scritto da BMC Immunology   
AllergologiaProof of the Germ theory of disease and acceptance of Koch?s postulates in the late 1890?s launched the fields of microbial pathogenesis and infectious diseases and provided the conceptual framework that has guided thought and research in these field ... ...
Human helminth therapy to treat inflammatory disorders- where do we stand
Scritto da BMC Immunology   
AllergologiaParasitic helminths have evolved together with the mammalian immune system over many millennia and as such they have become remarkably efficient modulators in order to promote their own survival. Their ability to alter and/or suppress immune response ... ...
Current challenges in understanding immune cell functions during septic syndromes
Scritto da BMC Immunology   
AllergologiaBackground:Sepsis is a dynamic infectious disease syndrome characterized by dysregulated inflammatory responses.Results:Despite decades of research, improvements in the treatment of sepsis have been modest. These limited advances are likely due, ... ...
All-trans retinoid acid promotes allogeneic corneal graft survival in mice by regulating Treg-Th17 balance in the presence of TGF-&#946;
Scritto da BMC Immunology   
AllergologiaBackground:All-trans retinoid acid (ATRA) has been proven to skew Regulatory T cell-T helper 17 cell (Treg-Th17) balance toward Treg in vitro, favoring graft acceptance. However, its in vivo effect after solid organ transplantation is under investig ... ...
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