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Acceptance of technology-enhanced learning for a theoretical radiological science course: a randomized controlled trial
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:Technology-enhanced learning (TEL) gives a view to improved education. However, there is a need to clarify how TEL can be used effectively. The study compared students' attitudes and opinions towards a traditional face-to-face course on ... ...
"What Do They Want Me To Say " The hidden curriculum at work in the medical school selection process: a qualitative study
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:There has been little study of the role of the essay question in selection for medical school. The purpose of this study was to obtain a better understanding of how applicants approached the essay questions used in selection at our medica ... ...
Enhancing medical students' communication skills: development and evaluation of an undergraduate training program
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:There is a relative lack of current research on the effects of specific communication training offered at the beginning of the medical degree program. The newly developed communication training "Basics and Practice in Communication Skill ... ...
Barriers and attitudes influencing non-engagement in a peer feedback model to inform evidence for GP appraisal
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:The UK general practitioner (GP) appraisal system is deemed to be an inadequate source of performance evidence to inform a future medical revalidation process. A long-running voluntary model of external peer review in the west of Scotland ... ...
The positive impact of a facilitated peer mentoring program on academic skills of women faculty
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:In academic medicine, women physicians lag behind their male counterparts in advancement and promotion to leadership positions. Lack of mentoring, among other factors, has been reported to contribute to this disparity. Peer mentoring has ... ...
Patient attitudes towards medical students at Damascus University Teaching Hospitals
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:The cooperation of patients and their consent to involve medical students in their care is vital to clinical education, but large numbers of students and lack of experience as well as loss of privacy may evoke negative attitudes of patien ... ...
Developing an online learning community for mental health professionals and service users: a discursive analysis
Scritto da BMC Medical Education   
Sanita-pubblicaBackground:There is increasing interest in online collaborative learning tools in health education, to reduce costs, and to offer alternative communication opportunities. Patients and students often have extensive experience of using the Internet fo ... ...
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