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The role of feedback in improving the effectiveness of workplace based assessments: A systematic review
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:Although there is considerable emphasis placed on workplace based assessment as a method of formative performance assessment, there is limited evidence in the current literature regarding the effectiveness of workplace based assessment in ... ...
Does doctors' workload impact supervision andward activities of final-year students A prospectivestudy
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:Hospital doctors face constantly increasing workloads. Besides caring for patients, their duties also comprise the education of future colleagues. The aim of this study was to objectively investigate whether the workload arising from incr ... ...
Clinical capabilities of graduates of an outcomesbasedintegrated medical program
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Sanita-pubblicaPurpose: To evaluate perceived and assessed clinical capabilities of recent graduates of an outcomes-based integrated medical program and compare to benchmarks from traditional content-based or process-based programs.MethodSelf-perceived capability i ... ...
Using video-cases to assess student reflection: Development and validation of an instrument
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:Reflection is a meta-cognitive process, characterized by: 1. Awareness of self and the situation; 2. Critical analysis and understanding of both self and the situation; 3. Development of new perspectives to inform future actions. Assessor ... ...
Impact of e-resources on learning in Biochemistry: first-year medical students' perceptions
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:E-learning resources (e-resources) have been widely used to facilitate self-directed learning among medical students. The Department of Biochemistry at Christian Medical College (CMC), Vellore, India, has made available e-resources to fir ... ...
Expert validation of fit-for-purpose guidelines for designing programmes of assessment
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:An assessment programme, a purposeful mix of assessment activities, is necessary to achieve a complete picture of assessee competence. High quality assessment programmes exist, however, design requirements for such programmes are still un ... ...
Do you think it's a disease A survey of medical students
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:The management of medical conditions is influenced by whether clinicians regard them as "disease" or "not a disease". The aim of the survey was to determine how medical students classify a range of conditions they might encounter in t ... ...
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