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Learner feedback and educational outcomes with an Internet-based ambulatory curriculum: A qualitative and quantitative analysis
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:Online medical education curricula offer new tools to teach and evaluate learners. The effect on educational outcomes of using learner feedback to guide curricular revision for online learning is unknown. In this study, qualitative analys ... ...
Do students learn to be more conscientious at medical school
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:Professionalism in medical students is not only difficult to define but difficult to teach and measure. As negative behaviour in medical students is associated with post-graduate disciplinary action it would be useful to have a model wher ... ...
Educational interventions to improve the effectiveness in clinical competence of general practitioners: problem-based versus critical reading-based learning.
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:Evidence suggests that continuing medical education improves the clinical competence of general practitioners and the quality of health care services. Thus, we evaluated the relative impact of two educational strategies, critical reading ... ...
Factors predicting doctors' reporting of performance change in response to multisource feedback
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:Multi-source feedback (MSF) offers doctors feedback on their performance from peers (medical colleagues), coworkers and patients. Researchers increasingly point to the fact that only a small majority of doctors (60-70 percent) benefit fro ... ...
Transportability of tertiary qualifications and CPD: A continuing challenge for the global health workforce
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:In workforces that are traditionally mobile and have long lead times for new supply, such as health, effective global indicators of tertiary education are increasingly essential. Difficulties with transportability of qualifications and cr ... ...
Interdisciplinary Integration of the CVS Module and Its Effect on Faculty and Student Satisfaction as Well as Student Performance
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground and Aim: Beyond the adoption of the principles of horizontal and vertical integration, significant planning and implementation of curriculum reform is needed. This study aimed to assess the effect of the interdisciplinary integrated Cardio ... ...
Reflections of students graduating from a transforming medical curriculum in South Africa: A qualitative study
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Sanita-pubblicaBackground:The six year medical programme at the University of the Witwatersrand admits students into the programme through two routes - school entrants and graduate entrants. Graduates join the school entrants in the third year of study in a transf ... ...
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