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The association between vitamin B12, albuminuria and reduced kidney function: an observational cohort study
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NefrologiaBackground:Variants in CUBN, the gene encoding cubilin, a proximal tubular transport protein, have been associated with albuminuria and vitamin B12 (B12) deficiency. We hypothesized that low levels of B12 would be associated with albuminuria in a po ... ...
A personalized follow-up of kidney transplant recipients using video conferencing based on a 1-year scoring system predictive of long term graft failure (TELEGRAFT study): protocol for a randomized co
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NefrologiaBackground:Numerous well-established clinical parameters are taken into consideration for the follow-up adaptation of kidney transplant recipients, but there are important disparities between countries, centres and clinicians. Therefore, novel scori ... ...
Urinary albumin excretion in healthy adults: a cross sectional study of 24-hour versus timed overnight samples and impact of GFR and other personal characteristics
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NefrologiaBackground:Urinary albumin can be measured in 24 h or spot samples. The 24 h urinary albumin excretion rate is considered the gold standard, but is cumbersome to collect. Instead, often an overnight sample is collected, and adjusted for dilution. Pr ... ...
The ¿phosphorus pyramid¿: a visual tool for dietary phosphate management in dialysis and CKD patients
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NefrologiaPhosphorus retention plays a pivotal role in the onset of mineral and bone disorders (MBD) in chronic kidney disease (CKD). Phosphorus retention commonly occurs as a result of net intestinal absorption exceeding renal excretion or dialysis removal. T ... ...
BMC Nephrology reviewer acknowledgement 2014
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NefrologiaContributing reviewersThe editors of BMC Nephrology would like to thank all our reviewers who have contributed to the journal in Volume 15 (2014). ... ...
Understanding acute kidney injury in low resource settings: a step forward
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NefrologiaAttention has recently been focused on addressing the problem of acute kidney injury in both the developed and developing world. Little information is actually available on the incidence and management of AKI in low resource settings. Thus, the paper ... ...
Acute kidney injury among adult patients with sepsis in a low-income country: clinical patterns and short-term outcomes
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NefrologiaBackground:Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common complication of sepsis. We determined the prevalence of AKI among adult patients with sepsis on the medical wards in a low-income country and described their clinical pattern and outcomes at discharge ... ...
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