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Explore Transplant at Home: a randomized control trial of an educational intervention to increase transplant knowledge for Black and White socioeconomically disadvantaged dialysis patients
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NefrologiaBackground:Compared to others, dialysis patients who are socioeconomically disadvantaged or Black are less likely to receive education about deceased donor kidney transplant (DDKT) and living donor kidney transplant (LDKT) before they reach transpla ... ...
Impact of nephrolithiasis on kidney function
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NefrologiaBackground:Kidney stone disease has been associated with reduced kidney function and chronic kidney disease (CKD). The objective of the study was to examine kidney function, body mass index (BMI) and the prevalence of cardiovascular disease, hyperte ... ...
Methylprednisolone attenuates lipopolysaccharide-induced Fractalkine expression in kidney of Lupus-prone MRL/lpr mice through the NF-kappaB pathway
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NefrologiaBackground:Fractalkine (FKN) is involved in the occurrence and development of human lupus nephritis. It is known to be upregulated by lipopolysaccharide (LPS) as a stimulus in vivo. MRL/lpr mice have been used as an in vivo model to study lupus neph ... ...
The effect of citrate dialysate on intradialytic heparin dose in haemodialysis patients: study design of a randomised controlled trial
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NefrologiaBackground:Unfractionated heparin is the most common anticoagulant used in haemodialysis (HD), although it has many potential adverse effects. Citrate dialysate (CD) has an anticoagulant effect which may allow reduction in cumulative heparin dose (C ... ...
Effect of induction therapy on the expression of molecular markers associated with rejection and tolerance
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NefrologiaBackground:Induction therapy can improve kidney transplantation (KTx) outcomes, but little is known about the mechanisms underlying its effects.Methods:The mRNA levels of T cell-related genes associated with tolerance or rejection (CD247, GZMB, PR ... ...
Global dimensions of chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology (CKDu): a modern era environmental and/or occupational nephropathy
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NefrologiaNo description available ... ...
Characterization of chronic and acute ESA hyporesponse: a retrospective cohort study of hemodialysis patients
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NefrologiaBackground:Some patients with chronic kidney disease do not respond adequately to erythropoiesis-stimulating agent (ESA) treatment; these patients are referred to as ESA hyporesponders. There is no widely accepted contemporary definition for chronic ... ...
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