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New Sleep Articles Available from May
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Review the latest sleep articles available from this past month. Learn about the new medication Hetlioz and its use to treat Non-24-Hour Sleep-Wake Disorder in blind people. Consider who should use it and how its effectiveness compares to melatoni ... ...

Rating general practitioner consultation performance in cancer care: does the specialty of assessors matter A simulated patient study
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Patients treated for prostate cancer may present to general practitioners (GPs) for treatment follow up, but may be reticent to have their consultations recorded. Therefore the use of simulated patients allows practitioner consultations t ... ...
Study protocol of EMPOWER Participatory Action Research (EMPOWER-PAR): a pragmatic cluster randomised controlled trial of multifaceted chronic disease management strategies to improve diabetes and hyp
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Chronic disease management presents enormous challenges to the primary care workforce because of the rising epidemic of cardiovascular risk factors. The chronic care model was proven effective in improving chronic disease outcomes in deve ... ...
A qualitative study on clinicians¿ perceptions about the implementation of a population risk stratification tool in primary care practice of the Basque Health Service
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:A prospective Population Risk Stratification (PRS) tool was first introduced in the public Basque Health Service in 2011, at the level of its several Primary Care (PC) practices. This paper aims at exploring the new tool?s implementation ... ...
Under the same roof: co-location of practitioners within primary care is associated with specialized chronic care management
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:International and national bodies promote interdisciplinary care in the management of people with chronic conditions. We examine one facilitative factor in this team-based approach - the co-location of non-physician disciplines within the ... ...
Do primary care physicians coordinate ambulatory care for chronic disease patients in Canada
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Adults with chronic disease are the most frequent users of the primary healthcare system. In Manitoba, patients are allowed to seek ambulatory (outpatient) care from the provider of their choosing (primary care physician or specialist), w ... ...
The safety and efficacy of the tetanus vaccine intramuscularly versus subcutaneously in anticoagulated patients: a randomized clinical trial
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:In patients treated with oral anticoagulants, subcutaneous injections of anti-tetanus vaccine are usually recommended to reduce the risk of bleeding, although the effectiveness of the vaccine has only been proven for intramuscular injecti ... ...
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