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Assessment of the coordination of integrated health service delivery networks by the primary health care: COPAS questionnaire validation in the Brazilian context
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Health systems organized as networks and coordinated by the Primary Health Care (PHC) may contribute to the improvement of clinical care, sanitary conditions, satisfaction of patients and reduction of local budget expenditures. The aim of ... ...
The role of primary health care services to better meet the needs of Aboriginal Australians transitioning from prison to the community
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Aboriginal Australians are more likely than other Australians to cycle in and out of prison on remand or by serving multiple short sentences?a form of serial incarceration and institutionalisation. This cycle contributes to the over-repre ... ...
‘I think positivity breeds positivity': a qualitative exploration of the role of family members in supporting those with chronic musculoskeletal pain to stay at work
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:It is proposed that family members are important sources of support in helping those with chronic musculoskeletal pain to remain at work, but the phenomenon remains largely unexplored. The aim of this study was to examine the extent and n ... ...
Effect evaluation of an interprofessional medication therapy management approach for multimorbid patients in primary care: a cluster-randomized controlled trial in community care (WestGem study proto
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Pharmaceutical practice worldwide is developing towards patient care. Medication Review (MR) and Medication Therapy Management (MTM) are evolving as the most prominent services in pharmaceutical care and have a strong potential to provide ... ...
Implementation of simple telehealth to manage hypertension in general practice: a service evaluation
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Hypertension is common and conveys significant risk of morbidity and mortality. However, inadequate control of hypertension is common. Following a successful local use of a simple telehealth intervention (?Florence?) for the diagnosis and ... ...
Parents' beliefs and knowledge about the management of acute otitis media: a qualitative study
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Acute otitis media is a common reason for antibiotic prescribing, despite strong evidence that antibiotics provide minimal benefit. Studies have demonstrated that patients? (or parents?) expectations of antibiotics often influence general ... ...
Near-patient tests and the clinical gaze in decision-making of Swedish GPs not following current guidelines for sore throat – a qualitative interview study
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Excessive antibiotics use increases the risk of resistance. Previous studies have shown that the Centor score combined with Rapid Antigen Detection Test (RADT) for Group A Streptococci can reduce unnecessary antibiotic prescribing in pati ... ...
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