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Patients' views and experiences of technology based self-management tools for the treatment of hypertension in the community: A qualitative study
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Patients with hypertension in the community frequently fail to meet treatment goals. The optimal way to organize and deliver care to hypertensive patients has not been clearly identified. The powerful on-board computing capacity of mobile ... ...
Healthcare system intervention for safer use of medicines in elderly patients in primary care—a qualitative study of the participants' perceptions of self-assessment, peer review, feedback and
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:The elderly population is increasing and with advanced age comes a higher risk for contracting diseases and excessive medicine use. Polypharmacy can lead to drug-related problems and an increased need of health care. More needs to be done ... ...
Access to healthcare for long-term conditions in women involved in street-based prostitution: a qualitative study
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Women involved in street-based prostitution (SBP) have well-documented health problems specific to their occupation, but access to care for other chronic health problems has not been explored. Primary care is seen as the optimal context t ... ...
The Heart Health Study - increasing cardiovascular risk assessment in family practice for first degree relatives of patients with premature ischaemic heart disease: a randomised controlled trial
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:This study aimed to increase cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk assessment in adult first degree relatives of patients with premature ischaemic heart disease (PIHD) using written and verbal advice.Methods:Design: A prospective, randomise ... ...
Symptom attributions in patients with colorectal cancer
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Symptoms of cancer may be interpreted differently by different patients before the diagnosis. This study investigated symptom attributions in Danish patients with colorectal cancer and the potential associations with symptom type, socio-d ... ...
When the phone rings - factors influencing its impact on the experience of patients and healthcare workers during primary care consultation: a qualitative study
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:In the primary health care setting, patients interact directly with their healthcare workers (HCW), which include their primary physicians, nurses and pharmacists. Studies have shown that such interactions, when interrupted by phone calls ... ...
Evaluation of reliability and validity of the General Practice Physical Activity Questionnaire (GPPAQ) in 60–74 year old primary care patients
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:GPPAQ (General Practice Physical Activity Questionnaire) is a self-assessment physical activity questionnaire widely used in primary care. Reliability and validity data in older people are lacking.The study aims were: to assess GPPAQ?s re ... ...
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