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Development of the Health Literacy of Caregivers Scale - Cancer (HLCS-C): item generation and content validity testing
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Health literacy refers to an individual?s ability to engage with health information and services. Cancer caregivers play a vital role in the care of people with cancer, and their capacity to find, understand, appraise and use health infor ... ...
Acute admissions to a community hospital - health consequences: a randomized controlled trial in Hallingdal, Norway
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Health care professionals in several countries are searching for alternatives to acute hospitalization. In Hallingdal, Norway, selected acute patients are admitted to a community hospital. The aim of this study was to analyse whether acut ... ...
To what extent do primary care practice nurses act as case managers lifestyle counselling regarding weight management A systematic review
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:In this review study, we are the first to explore whether the practice nurse (PN) can act as case manager lifestyle counselling regarding weight management in primary care.Methods:Multiple electronic databases (MEDLINE, PsycINFO) were s ... ...
Managing the consultation with patients with medically unexplained symptoms: a grounded theory study of supervisors and registrars in general practice
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Patients with medically unexplained symptoms (MUS) commonly present in general practice. They often experience significant disability and have difficulty accessing appropriate care. Many feel frustrated and helpless. Doctors also describe ... ...
Repeated primary care consultations for non-specific physical symptoms in children in UK: a cohort study
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Non-specific physical symptoms (NSPS), such as headache and abdominal pain, are common reasons for children to consult primary care. NSPS represent a significant burden not only on society, but also on health care services, through freque ... ...
Measuring patient-perceived continuity of care for patients with long-term conditions in primary care
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:Continuity of care is widely acknowledged as important for patients with multi-morbidity but simple, service-orientated indices cannot capture the full impact of continuity in complex care delivery systems. The patient?s perspective is im ... ...
Use of exercise tests in primary care: importance for referral decisions and possible bias in the decision process; a prospective observational study
Scritto da BMC Family Practice   
Di-comunitaBackground:The utility of clinical exercise tests depends on their support of treatment decisions. We sought to assess the utility of exercise tests for the selection of primary-care patients for referral to cardiologic care, and to determine whethe ... ...
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