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Nefrectomia parziale laparoscopica robot-assistita

A retrospective multi-centre study on the outcome of laparoscopic simple nephrectomies
Scritto da British Journal of Medical and Surgical Urology   
UrologicaSummary: Objective: A review of our experience in laparoscopic simple nephrectomies from May 2003 to May 2011 in the Urology Departments in Oxford and Reading.Method: A total of 100 patients, median age 46years (IQR=27, range 17?82) underwent a laparoscopic simple nephrectomy for benign disease in the 8-year period reviewed. Data on patient demographics, pre-operative diagnosis, operating time, operative approach, estimated blood loss, in hospital post-operative complications and length of stay were collected from electronic databases held in the departments and regularly updated.Results: 100 laparoscopic simple nephrectomies were performed between May 2003 and May 2011. Median operating time was 180min (IQR=60min, range 75?375min). Median estimated blood loss was 50ml (IQR=50ml, range 10?1000ml). Median length of stay was 3days (IQR=3, range 2?14days). No patients suffered from significant changes in renal function. Three patients were transfused between 2 and 3 units. 26 complications were recorded for 22 patients. Four were Clavien grade IIIb and 22 were grades I?II.Conclusion: Although laparoscopic simple nephrectomy is feasible and confers the usual benefits of laparoscopy it is often a technically challenging procedure. We used the Clavien Classification to standardise complications of laparoscopic simple nephrectomies. The term ?simple? nephrectomy is misleading and should be changed.
Fonte: British Journal of Medical and Surgical Urology

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